Fabric Re-weavers USA 
"America's Premiere Hand Re-weavers"
  Re-weaving and

  Re-weaving : All damaged threads
 are replaced one by one .

  In-weaving : Damage is repaired by weaving a swatch of fabric over the damaged area. It is recommended for large damage, and will sometimes show a slight impression of a square on some fabrics. It is also less expensive than reweaving.

 *NOTE: Cost is determined by the difficulty of weave, pattern, fabric, color, time involved, etc.

Rush items will be charged extra.

  1. Fabric composed of only two colors will sometimes show.

  2. Solid colors on hard finished fabrics such as poplin and gabardine will show a scar like impression.

  3. Sheer fabrics will show, therefore they are not recommended for reweaving or in-weaving.

  4. Denim fabrics are not recommended for reweaving or in-weaving.

  5. Most fabrics are finished with a slight sheen. When a thread is disturbed that sheen is removed, therefore weaving on solid colors will sometimes leave a dull finish.

  6. There is a $95 minimum on pocket corners.

  7. There is a $85 minimum on all Italian made garments such as Brioni, Canali, etc.

  8. There is a $75 minimum on all cashmere sweaters.

  9. Corduroy cannot be rewoven.